Buliding Construction Material, Petrochemicals, Minerals, Fertilizers

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Globex’s Global presence and world over distribution network is supported by various factors as mentioned below:

In the last three years since our inception we have establishes offices in northern, western & southern parts of India. Now we have began to establish our self in overseas by establishing offices in Dubai. Singapore, Qatar & London. We have our various marketing heads sitting in our head office with various executives located in various other branches in our country to assist them which help us to closely monitor all its activities and services which in turn increases the efficiency and leads into almost 100% accuracy in commitments and targets. Likewise we have sales agents in different regions of the world where our branch office do not exists.


Our pattern of working is to procure the material from the end manufacturers of the products and to sell it to the end users only. In order to achieve this end we share a very good repo and networking with our suppliers from across the world for products like Cement, Steel, DAP, Urea, Sulphur, Rock Phosphate, petro chemicals, coals etc.



Timely delivery of products depends upon excellent logistics and supply chain management arrangement and this is what makes Globex International Pvt. Ltd. a class apart from others in the trade. It has contractual relationships and excellent networking with Private Rail operators, Port owners, shipping lines and Vessel operators, Custom house agents, Transporters etc. all around the globe. So when it comes to cost effective and efficient supply chain management then there is no better option than GLOBEX.



Globex International Pvt. Ltd. has its own subsidiary logistics company and equipment supply co. by the name of BEG CARGO MOVERS PVT. LTD and Globex Logix Inc. It works as the spine of Globex International Pvt. Ltd. and manages all logistics services domestically and internationally.



Lastly Globex is a group of young hard working and passionate people who have good educational background from reputed universities and college who work with a vision and exceptional hunger for client satisfaction. Our young team help us in aggressively performing all our tasks that too well in time.